Human Short Peptide Variation Database
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On the Search page, type or copy-paste the peptide of interest in the text field and click the 'Find Peptide' button.

The result pane will show the hits found in the database, or 'No peptides found'. It will list the RefSeq identifiers for the encoding mRNA molecules, the starting position on the mRNA and the position of the peptide with respect to the annotated coding sequence (CDS), if any. If the peptide includes an amino acid that is encoded by a known polymorphic nucleotide (SNP) the corresponding dbSNP identifier and the possible alleles for this single amino acid polymorphism (SAP) are shown. RefSeq and dbSNP identifiers are hyperlinked to their corresponding database entries.

The database is created using the human mRNA sequences from the RefSeq database and associated variation information derived from the dbSNP database. The human mRNAs, including variants as described in the dbSNP database, are translated in the three forward frames using the EMBOSS transeq program. Peptides shorter than seven amino acids are removed.

For questions please send an email to: hspv@bioinformatics.nl